October 29th, 2014

CREATIVE CLOSEUP: Creating a strong brand identity

Fortis Foods, a leading marketer and distributor of food and agricultural products between the U.S. and Central/South America, wanted to rebrand itself under its new name after widespread internal changes. Because of Fortis Foods’ size and global sourcing abilities, its clients benefit from economies of scale and operational efficiencies associated with product sourcing, financing, logistics, importation, customs, and storage. They presented the Alamini Creative Group with the challenge of creating a company identity – without using food images – that conveyed their strengths and set them apart from their competition. 

Drawing upon our extensive background in creating brand identities and strategic communication tools, ACG set out to establish a new identity for Fortis that would resonate with all of its audiences and across all communications channels. 

The final result…a series of squares that stack to create one square resembling shipping containers and evoke an image of integration, versatility and order. We chose the color blue because it signifies trust, responsibility and honesty, while the color green is associated with growth and food. 

The logo is used on all Fortis Foods’ marketing materials including its freight trucks.

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