November 21st, 2019

Strategic Landing Pages Can Help Your Business Take Off

Landing pages are effective marketing tools that often don’t receive the credit or attention they deserve. For marketing purposes, a landing page is a stand-alone page with the objective of moving your customer toward taking a desired action such as requesting more information or making a purchase. A landing page is also a valuable tool when it comes to collecting information about customers, generating sales leads, and moving prospects through the sales cycle.

Companies drive customers and prospects to landing pages through some type of initial outreach, such as an eblast, a direct mail piece or some other type of marketing material. Once there, a landing page can be one of two kinds: click through or lead generating. A click-through page leads the customer to another page to make a purchase, read additional information or take some other form of action. A lead-generation page will offer the customer something — such as a free trial, a sample, etc. — in exchange for information. This is the simplest, most effective way to generate more sales leads. However, a landing page can also accomplish the following marketing objectives:

Collect demographic information. In addition to asking for contact information that will provide your sales team with helpful lead information, you can also collect select data that helps them better understand your potential customer.

• Track data. You can better understand how engaged your customer is by tracking information such as how many times they’ve visited the page, what offers they’ve acted on, and what information they’ve downloaded.

Encourage a decision. People are indecisive. A good landing page will force them to make a decision because it will deliver a clear message that speaks to their needs/interests, and have an obvious call to action.

In designing an effective landing page, keep the following in mind:

Keep it simple, yet engaging. Hone in on the message without adding a lot of extra, unnecessary information. • Make it user-friendly. Keep forms short and easy to navigate.

Include links to other opportunities. If your customer likes what they’ve just purchased or downloaded, make it easy for them to get additional offers/information by including relevant links within the landing page.

Provide a follow up. Make sure the customer knows you appreciate their interest and that the registration process has been completed on their end by thanking them while they are still on the page or through a personalized email. If they fill out a form requesting additional information, make sure to let them know that it was received and someone from your company will be following up with them and by which format (ie: phone call, email, etc.).

For some ideas on effective landing pages, take a look at some that we’ve created for our clients:

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