March 13th, 2023

CREATIVE CLOSEUP: United Nations Guidance Note on Conflict Sensitivity, Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

Conflict and peace have direct consequences on the work of the United Nations (UN). How they work in conflict-affected environments and the impact of their programs and interventions are critical to achieving lasting and sustainable effects. To explain to their various internal divisions how to apply conflict sensitivity, peacebuilding and sustaining peace approaches to program planning, the UN issues a Guidance Note. In addition to laying out the application of its approaches, it also explains the implementation of UN interventions to minimize negative consequences and maximize the positive impact on peace.

Alamini Creative Group, who has worked with several groups within the UN through the years, was asked by the UN Sustainable Development Group to create this Guidance Note. ACG’s design strategy uses bold colors to create energy and guide the viewer’s experience through the content. Dramatic portraits of people impacted by these policies and programs are strategically placed to reinforce key points and bring a human face to the content. Infographics illustrate complex strategies in a visually accessible way.

The Guidance Note has been widely acknowledged and disseminated as an important reference tool both within the UN and its partner organizations, and the design is highly regarded. ACG recently received a GDUSA 2021 American Graphic Design Award for Publications + Editorial Design for its design work on this project.

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